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About us

The marketplace that can lead you to a successful entry into North and Latin America's cosmetic market. The RXDI, changed the rules of the game.
We do not stay simply in product sales, but with a distribution partnership, we can provide storage, sorting, picking, packing, shipping, inventory management, customer service, and FBR distribution service (Fulfillment by RX).
As well as local branding through an efficient online marketing and IT solution for an ALL-IN-ONE service for your business.


The whole process for distribution is integrated with the fulfillment services from storage to shipping.
Local market branding for our marketplace partners can be provided at a reasonable cost.

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RXDI connects Shanghai Duty Free Warehouse and Jingdong Logistics Warehouse. We operate FBR (Fulfillment By RX) optimized for local characteristics.

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Stock Management / Packing / Delivery

Marketplace partners product stored in RXDI distribution warehouse is safely and thoroughly managed by the inventory system for storage, packing, and shipping.

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Customer Service

RXDI customer service center will manage and operate all aspects of the order process from order inquiries, product information, returns, and refunds.

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RXDI will participate in some of the largest beauty trade shows held in the United States (Beautycon New York, Makeup in New York, and WWD Magic, etc..) to connect with consumers, bring brand awareness, secure orders, and gather feedback of the local trends. Trade show services can be provided to sellers at a reasonable cost to those who wish to participate.

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RXDI will be able to provide brand marketing suited for the US market at a reasonable cost. Various viral marketing will be built working with influencers with a sizable following by using social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and varies blog.

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RXDI showroom will start with a location in Los Angeles, then expand to New York and other parts of North America to connect with big company buyers. The Los Angeles showroom will be in the Fashion District, which is the center of North American Distribution. It will also allow easy accessibility to the Latin American buyers to explore the products and make purchases in person.

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OEMᆞODM with Retailers

Connecting buyers with ODM / OEM services with our marketplace partners.

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Flash Deals / Quick Ordering Process

Marketplace partners can easily change the price of their products, change their product sales strategies, such as time sale and hot deals, in an easy-to-use interface. This information is delivered to the customer in real time and can be ordered immediately.


MEMBERSHIP FEE (monthly) Waived Waived until November 30, 2023

※ FBR Service and Online Market service is available with the monthly membership. Marketing service is not included with the monthly membership. On/Off line marketing is available such as direct marketing, viral marketing, brand promotion parties, and other services can be provided for the seller’s. If you would like to receive marketing services by RXDI or have any questions, please contact us by email or phone.

Process Steps

  • 1
    Contract agreement and membership sign up
  • 2
    Bank account and business license registration
  • 3
    Upload products in the online marketplace
  • 4
    Ship products to RXDI distribution warehouse
  • 5
    Start selling your products online


I forgot my Seller’s ID and password
You can reset your password on the login page. Fill in the email address associated with the account. An email with a confirmation link will be sent to reset your password.
I can’t log in after signing up as a seller. Why?
Once the seller’s account is setup and approved, you should be able to login. If this is not the issue, please try resetting your password.
If you are still experiencing problems logging in, please contact seller’s support.
What documents do I need to submit when changing my information?
Most changes can be done on the seller’s dashboard. If you wish to submit a document that is not available on the seller’s dashboard, please contact seller’s support.
How can I cancel my Seller’s account?
Cancellations can be done by contacting sellers support. This feature is not available on the seller’s dashboard.
How do I pay for the seller’s account setup fee?
Currently, there are no fees to setup an account. These terms are subject to change.
How do I pay for the seller’s subscription fee?
Payments can be made with credit card or wire transfer. Payments are made for the entire contact period of one year at the start of the contract.
What happens to my refund if the account is cancelled in the middle?
Cancelled accounts during the contract period is non-refundable.
How do I apply for an extension?
If there are no changes to the account, the account will automatically renew at the end of the contract term.
Payments will need to be arranged to extend the account for another one year term.
If I do not apply for an extension, how do I handle the product inventory?
Sellers will be responsible for all fees and arrangements associated with the return of the sellers product.
I did not renew the account, but I want to reapply. Do I have to pay the activation fee again?
Currently, there are no fees to reactivate an account. These terms are subject to change.
The brand of the product you are trying to register is not registered. How do you do it?
The brand associated with the seller should already be registered on the seller’s dashboard.
If they do not appear on the dashboard, please contact seller’s support.
How do I register my product?
Products can be registered on the seller’s dashboard products page for new products.
Is there a limit to the number of items we can register?
By having an account with us at RXDI, you can get unlimited product uploads at no additional charge.
The category of the product you are trying to register is not registered. How do you do it?
If a category is unavailable on the seller’s dashboard, please contact seller’s support.
How do I register my product if it is the same product but the options are different?
You can add variations to products that are related to one another.
This is ideal for products that come in different sizes, colors, or other available options.
For example, if a hand cream comes in different sizes (2 oz. or 6 oz.), you can add a size variation to list all of the options available for consumers to compare and order. This function can be done in the seller’s dashboard under products.
Refer to the seller’s guidelines for additional information on how to do so.
How can I register my product name and sell it effectively?
Having a short and simple description to identify the product can help sell products more effectively. Adding in the product function on the product name can target consumers that are looking for a specific product. Please refer below for examples.

  • Waterproof Long Wear Mascara
  • Matte Pro Finish Translucent Powder
  • Hydrating SPF 50+ BB Cream
How do I enter the GTIN (barcode) when registering a product?
Barcodes (GTIN / UPC / EAN) can be added on the seller’s dashboard product page when registering for a product.
Barcodes added for the products must identify the bundle that is being sold.
For example, if the registered product will be sold in a bundle (i.e. 9 in a bundle), enter in the barcode identifying the bundle and not the barcode that is on the individual pieces. Different barcodes are needed for products with different variations.
How can I add images to the product?
You can upload product images on the seller’s dashboard when registering a product. One or more images can be added at the same time by dragging the file to the image “upload” portion. You can edit the product image or the variation product image by selecting the edit (pencil icon) button.
Images on the main product and variation products will need to be edited separately. If you do not add the image on the product, the first variation photo will be used for the main image.

There are guidelines available for the product image requirements. A few is listed below for reference. For a full list of requirements needed to upload images, please refer to the seller’s guidelines. We reserve the right to remove images that do not meet our requirements.

  • Clear professional images
  • Images that accurately represents the product
  • Only show images of the product listed for sale
  • Graphics, Illustrations, or mockups are not allowed
  • Offensive, sexually suggested images, or nudity is not allowed
How do I register for sale?
You can register a product for sale on the seller’s dashboard. Please refer to the sellers guide for more information.
Is it possible to register duplicate items? (not possible, you can list but if the quantity is different)
Duplicate products cannot be registered unless the bundle quantity or variation is different from the product that is already listed.
Can I register used goods?
Registering used goods is prohibited and violates the terms of the agreement.
Is it possible to register the product on the expiration date? What are the shelf life criteria for sale?
Products listed on RXDI must be produced with at least 18 months left on the expiration date.
We strongly recommend a longer shelf life that can help reduce cost and risk losing sales for sellers.
How do I resell a temporarily out-of-stock item?
We recommend all sellers to keep track of inventory and send the products before they sell out. This can insure a constant flow in sales and minimize any loss during the restocking period.

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